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1 Effective SEO Tip!

I’ve been busy this past few months since it is the holiday season but now I am back to give you more tips and tricks to make your way for your site’s effectivity.

While trying my way to article writing, I found out that there is one effective way of optimizing your site for best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) result and that is through your keywords. When you are blogging about SEO Tips, then it is wise to use those words frequently and make it bold to give it more importance. Just like what you are seeing here right now. You will see my keywords in bold letters.

Why is it important to make your keywords in bold?

Making it bold in your article means that you are giving importance about that matter. The more frequent you use that keyword, the more importance you are giving into it which results better search engine visibility.

Keywords are used by search engines and with these keywords you will find your potential clients which also boosts your sales and productivity. It seems using your keywords repititively in one article depreciates or lessens its importance, I’ll try to research about it.

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